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Broker approval for Tristate

Send a loan to us and get paid faster!

We are easy to work with on your hard files.   Just e-mail a POINT file with your credit report and a summery on what you are trying to do.   You will get paid up when the loan closes for a maximum of two points.   We will process the file for you and our broker package is just two pages.  No credit check or lender references required!   Sending in a loan is easy!   No need to up load a file, use an AMC, send over income docs or get a list of conditions.   We do all the work for you and you get paid the same! 

Looking to make a move?

We are expanding and looking for experienced mortgage professionals to take advantage of a great opportunity.   We offer: FNMA, FHA, Sub-Prime and Hard money loans.   Currently looking for the following staff:

  • Licensed loan agents: with 10+ years experience
  • Loan processors: Must have experience in: DU/LP,  FHA, AMC and drawing loan docs
  • Accounting: Must have experience in: Quick books and excel
  • Marketing: Word Press, SEO, E-mail marketing, networking events
  • Servicing and collections: Setting up files for servicing, posting payments, collection calls, general knowledge of foreclosures and bankruptcy laws. 

Hard Money Loans

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Tri-State Mortgage specializes in hard money loans in Colorado. We have several different programs to suit the borrower’s needs. These programs range from 12 month bridge loans to 30 year home loans.

Commercial Loans

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Apartments, office buildings, shopping centers, Auto dealerships are just some of the types of loans we have funded in the past. We are now funding construction loans.

Residential Loans

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We offer mortgage for all types of borrowers.   If you are self employed and have a tough time at the bank, we can help.   If you are not a U.S. citizen and no social security number, we can help.   There is no need to shop the loan around, we do that for you!

We Save The Day With Private Money Mortgage Loans

No need for tax returns, pay stubs or Appraisals! We look more at the property and close in 2-5 business days. Nobody beat our Denver Colorado Loan Programs!.

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