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Residential Loans

Have you been thinking about moving up to a nicer home in a better area? Thought about doing some home improvement or debt consolidation? Homes are selling very quickly with multiple offers, you need a professional mortgage broker in your corner!

If you are looking for a purchase or refinance loan, you have a choice of Conventional, FHA and Jumbo loans to three million. Tri-State Mortgage also has lenders that will go down to 550 FICO scores on FHA loans. Some of the loan programs are full documents and other require little or no income documents. Most lenders request piles of income documentation and they sell the file to another lender, who then sells again. We have some programs that require only bank statements or no income documents at all. This program is tailored for the self-employed borrower. To find out what you qualify for, visit our on-line application page. Or call us directly to discuss your loan needs, we even offer advice on credit repair.

Hard Money Loans

Tri-State Mortgage specializes in hard money loans in Colorado. We has several different programs to suit the borrower’s needs. These programs range from six month bridge loans to 30 year home loans.

Commercial Loans

Apartments, office buildings, shopping centers, Auto dealerships are just some of the types of loans we have funded in the past. We are now funding land loans and development projects for experienced developers.

Residential Loans

If you have good income and credit we can broker to conventional lenders. If you are self-employed and have a few dings on your credit, we offer bank statement loans to 85% LTV. No need for tax returns or W-2 statements!

We Save The Day With Private Money

No need for tax returns, pay stubs or Appraisals! We look more at the property and close in 2-5 business days.

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