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Frank Brock – Managing member and founder of Tri-State mortgage.

Mr. Brock has a background in real estate and finance that started in 1985 with selling real estate in a down market.

Hard money became the game in 1991 and soon other types of loans came in to the business.   As the financial markets changed with the liquidity crisis of 1998, the winds of change brought in purchase loans, re-finances and commercial loans.   As the mortgage industry grew during the early 2000’s, ventures with Countrywide, Citi Bank and Lehman Brothers were all the rage.   As the cracks in the industry started to shake the foundations of the financial markets, Tri-State Mortgage was created.   The company was build on the foundation of integrity, hard work and creativity.   Originating loans that would be beneficial to the borrower and a nice return for the lender.   As other companies failed or reduced in size, this small mortgage company took on the challenges of new regulations, tight underwriting rules, intense competition and a shift to a digital world.   With these challenges, a new loan product of private financing was molded into a specialty.   Whereas, borrowers could close quickly and investors could enjoy a higher rate of return.   Loan’s are originated through a 100% referral network that consists of: Past clients, realtors, bankers, mortgage brokers, builder and developers.    The firm brokers out 55% of the business to a select few lenders and funds the balance out of our BRJ GROUP LLC.  This gives borrowers a quick closing and investors higher rates of return.


Sara Ridley – Investor relations

Ms. Ridley has extensive experience in construction, real estate, accounting and finance.   Her experience comes from negotiation on building high-end custom homes.   Other skill sets have evolved from extensive travels through Asia and Europe where she meets the needs of her investors.    Giving the investor a personal touch on how business is conducted in mortgages and real estate, allows investors to make an a quick decision on lucrative investments.    Investors have the option of investing in a fund,  trust deeds or real estate and these fixed returns usually offer a much higher return with the security of an an asset.   Preservation of capital is the upmost importance to Ms. Ridley’s clients and she usually works on a referral basis only.







Erik Eiland- Commercial loan officer

Erik comes to Tri-State Mortgage with an extensive experience in commercial and residential mortgages.    Erik had owned and managed a large mortgage company in the early 2000’s that originated FNMA and subprime mortgages.   Erik has extensive experience and knowledge in; Cash flow analysis,  debt service coverage, construction and development.  After the 2008 financial crises, Erik put his energies into fixing and flipping homes.    With over 100 flips under his belt, Erik has learned the art of negotiation with; contractors, realtors and buyers.   Erik enjoys bodybuilding, spending time with his family and flying private jets.

Commercial and multi family expert


Victoria Borns – Sr. Processor

Victoria has extensive experience in processing and origination of conventional and government loans.   Her organizational skills are honed in with her hard work ethic and getting files closed.   Her relationships with the underwriters, wholesale reps, realtors and title closer’s make her very effective in this industry.






Paul Brock – Marketing

Paul is our newest member to the team and he is a graduate from Regis Jesuit High School 2018.   He graduated in the top of his class with honors in Chinese, Art, Communication and technology.  Paul is currently attending Parsons School of design in New York City.   This school was started by professors from Columbia university who felt a need to teach art.   Between classes, he put his talents to work for small business in New York and across the country.