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Residential Loans

  • Conventional loans - Rates are at an all time low!! Rates are running between 1.90 - 3.25%* depending on LTV and FICO.   It's a great time to re-finance and pull some cash out for debt consolidation, home improvement or tuition expenses.   We offer 95% financing for purchase and re-finance loans.   We can do 80% cash out loan and investment property loans
  • Government loans - We offer FHA/VA loans for borrower will no money down or have 3.50% down.   Great for first time buyer who has the income but, low on the down payment.

Bank Statement loans - Great for self employed borrowers who write off everything on the tax returns.   This program only requires 12 months business or personal bank statements.   The lender can go up to 85% Loan to value on the loan. 

  • Private loans - The loans are made to borrowers with 35% down payment or 65% LTV and the ability to pay back the mortgage.   Yes we will close loans with: No appraisals, tax returns or bank statements.   We do have full disclosure of the rates, points and fees on ALL of our transactions.   Great for bridge loans, inherited properties, land and other unique situations.

*APR not quoted in this rate.   Rates change daily, call us for a free quote.

Hard Money Loans

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Tri-State Mortgage specializes in hard money loans in Colorado. We have several different programs to suit the borrower’s needs. These programs range from 12 month bridge loans to 30 year home loans.

Commercial Loans

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Apartments, office buildings, shopping centers, Auto dealerships are just some of the types of loans we have funded in the past. We are now funding construction loans.

Residential Loans

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We offer mortgage for all types of borrowers.   If you are self employed and have a tough time at the bank, we can help.   If you are not a U.S. citizen and no social security number, we can help.   There is no need to shop the loan around, we do that for you!

We Save The Day With Private Money Mortgage Loans

No need for tax returns, pay stubs or Appraisals! We look more at the property and close in 2-5 business days. Nobody beats our rates and Loan Programs!.

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