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Why Us?

Whether you are purchasing your first home, or moving to a new house in Denver, the process can seem a bit long. Our team at Tri-State Mortgage provides the most personalized home buying experience to our customers. From the purchase of a new home, to refinancing your home at a lower rate, our experts will ensure that your loan process is quick, simple, and easy.

We deliver results

We don’t get paid until your deal funds! We will take massive action to close your loan with the least amount of effort on your part. We will shop the loan for a conventional refinance or get it closed within the contract date on a purchase!

Quick Process

Private loans close in 2-5 business days because we use our own money! Non-QM and conventional loans take 12-25 days depending on the lender we broker to. These loans usually require; Income docs, underwriting and appraisals.   

Our History

With a background in real estate, the founder had discovered the mortgage broker field in 1991. The industry has seen it’s ups and downs over the years. With a burning desire for success and helping other people, Tri-State Mortgage has focused on the following: Honesty, trust, communication, hard work and adding value to each transaction.

We Can Help You With

Getting home loans in Denver, buying a new home, or moving up to a larger home has never been easier. Use cash-out refinance to pay off debt or home improvements.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you pull my credit, will my score go down?

NO – This is only if it gets pulled more than four times in a month. After the 5th time it will drop by two points!

I’m self employed but have a good down payment and high scores.

We do loans with no tax returns, bank statements or jumping through hoops.  

Jumbo loans are hard to get, can you help us?

Yes, we offer a conforming fixed with a HELOC second to avoid doing a jumbo and mortgage insurance. 

We got turned down because of our credit score, can you help us with a mortgage?

Yes we offer loans with 550 scores if you have equity. 

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