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Home Purchase Loans in Denver

Apply for a purchase loan for your new home without any hassle!

New Home Purchase Loan Process

Here’s how our home purchase loan process works:

If it were that simple, everyone would be a homeowner! Underwriting has tightened up recently and lenders are requesting more assets, higher credit scores, and solid income. We believe that getting a loan to buy a new home should not be that complicated. Our team can work with you to meet the challenges and shop the file to a lender who will approve it. We will also offer the best rate for home purchase loans in Denver to keep your payment low!

Options for First Time Home Buyers Denver, CO

If you’re moving up to a new home in Denver and need a home loan, we can offer you the best rates and service!

Looking to get into your first home? No problem! We have FHA loans with a 3.50% down payment and 5% down on conventional loans. No worries about closing costs, we don’t charge any! We will take care of your points and processing fees! We offer VA loans that have little jumbo restrictions!

We also offer a bank statement loan if your tax returns don’t reflect enough income. If you’re a business owner who wants to close fast, this is a great option for you! You just need a decent fico score and twelve-month business or personal bank statements. Go to our purchase application wizard and fill it out for a quick quote.

Frequently Asked Questions 

I’m a first time buyer with a good job & credit but, limited down payment money.

We have first time programs with 3.50% down payment and VA loans that do not require any down

We are self-employed borrowers that have been turned down because of our tax returns, can you help us with a purchase?

Yes, we have a bank statement program that does not require tax returns. The program requires 15% down and good credit.

I’m a real estate investor that flips homes; do you have no money down program for me?

Yes, we have a program that will finance the purchase, closing cost and fix up cost on your next flip. You
just need a good buy on the home and experience in doing flips.

Still looking for help?